In my works I examine cultural baggage through sculptural techniques of assembling and dissembling. The physical expressiveness of the medium of sculpture enables me with an elasticity and playfulness, when focusing on a section in a continuity, for example, or on a fragment of a much larger whole. Discovering the range of characteristics charged within an object, whether it is diverted of its original usage, or wearing a new form, fascinates me.  I often mix conceptual themes, improvisation, and practices of planning and engineering, as a way to create new strings of meaning, which introduce new and alluring poetic alternatives to the day-to-day.

Where I live – my immediate surrounding, the house, the city – inspires me. I experience it as a sculptural environment, which changes and flexes according to material and duration: the weight of a perching bird bending a tree branch; the shopping cart laid sideways in a parking lot; the grass lawn crossing its predestined lawn border, changing the invaded pavement, affecting the road.

In my work, details and thoughts are expressed through a system of codes, by unveiling, disrupting, and resetting new decipher mechanisms. In many instances, the new sculptures are subject to change and restructuring during the process itself, and do not necessarily form to a coherent, clear object, but to one with unfurled edges, blending art and life.